YTT Personal Coach Team

2018  YTT Personal Coach Team 

ALL SPOTS ARE FILLED FOR 2018 – First availability October 2018

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Please contact Yoli ( if you are a new Athlete looking to Join the Personal Coach Team.  

As your personal Coach, Yoli will design a personal training plan specific to your race, goals, fitness levels and life schedule. The plan will be constantly adapted to your training results and life commitments.  Personal plans are designed every two weeks to meet your goals, match your life style. Sometimes It might be designed weekly if Yoli needs to see how your body responds. Constant communication and adapting your plan to your fitness response. A Personal Coach athlete can be Local or in any part of our world.  If you are not local, we will have scheduled consultations over the phone to talk about your progress is necesary. It is the athlete’s responsability to reach out when the training is not going as planned, etc. Personal 45-60 minutes consultations ( one on one )are available at $75 per session.  If you are local, you are welcome to drop in at the group training sessions. ( Rehearsals are included ) There must be mutual commitment between the athlete and coach. 

Fee : 2018 Season

You must be committed to honest communication on how you and your workouts are going. As a Personal Coach Athlete you are Welcome to join or drop in at the group workouts – However, it is not required. 

Athletes that have signed up for a  70.3 Triathlon, Full Iron Distance, Marathon or would like to be competitive need to sign up for Personal Coaching in order for Yoli to help you. I have reduced the minimum months commitment in order to help you.   We need to make sure you do the correct training work and are ready for your event. Please contact me if you are interested in Personal Coaching for 2018

FEE : 

  • YTT Monthly Personal Coach $275/Month – includes group workouts during that month.
  • YTT Personal Coach  – 2 Months $550 ( Includes Group workouts During the 2 months )
  • YTT Personal Coach  – 3 Months $825 ( Includes Group workouts During the 3 months )
  • YTT Personal Coach – 4 months $1000 (includes group workouts only during the 4 months)
  • YTT Personal Coach – 5 months $1250 (includes group workout only during the 6 months)
  • YTT Personal Coach – 6 months $1450 (includes Full season group workouts for the 6 months)
  • YTT Personal Coach – 7 months $1650 (includes Full season group workouts for the 7 months)
  • YTT Personal Coach – 8 months $1825 (includes Full season group workout for the 8 months)
  • YTT Personal Coach – 9 months $1975 (includes Full season group workout for those months)



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 Benefits and Information for the YTT  Personal Coached Athlete 
  • Constant communication with the Coach to review your progress, assess your mind and body health and evaluate and modify your training plan. Honest communication is required for best results. The athlete is accountable for the workouts and commitment.                                                 
  • Monthly Personal Training Plan designed based on your goals, fitness level and life schedule with adjustments and modification as needed.  Plans will be designed online on Training Peaks and or PDF format. Constant contact with the Coach is more important than having a plan 6 weeks out. Key sessions will be set in advance – however it needs to be flexible according to your training response.                                                          
  • Coach available when the athlete needs it.,One on one consultation available. Athlete must reach out.
  • Unlimited Access to Weekly Coached Group Workouts held locally. This is not a requirement.                                          
  • Key race specific Training Sessions when required.                                                                                                                        
  • Maximum 15 Personal Coach  Athletes at one time for the 2018 Season.                                                                                          
  •  Additional Personal Training Sessions available at $75 per session.

 * This is a great program for those of you are ready to go for that challenging event. The word challenging is individual. All athletes are created equal to me so no matter what your goal is we will go for it and it is as important to me. This is a great plan if you need the personal guidance of an expert coach to help you achieve that goal. You must be ready to follow a detailed plan to reach your athletic event. All plans are adjusted to your life – it means that it will be efficient and it will work with your life. You do not need to give it up in order to achieve your athletic goals—no matter how demanding your goal is. The most important part of training once you are committed Is how you train correctly and it is not the more the better.



Most of the time the journey, the “process of getting there”, whether we do or not, is where we learn the most.” So, if you are curious about whether or not you can do it, just give it a try and find out. — Coach Yol

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